Tuesday, 3 February 2015

To Dye or Not to Dye (Danielle)

So here at the home of SpunDreamz, I have decided to set up a dye studio. Dyeing wool is not difficult exactly, liking the results of your work, a wee bit more so. Some of the chemical dyes are not appropriate for use around the home studio, and I will be avoiding those, as there are more friendly ones. I have ordered my first set of professional dyes, they should be arriving some time in the next week or two, I have my room picked out, though not set up, and I have chosen a heat source, which I am still sourcing.

There are three things required for a dye studio: first is, a clear work space away from food, the dyes I am using currently are food safe, and I can clean up the kitchen appropriately before and after a dye session, the new dyes are not food safe, so I have chosen to use the Laundry room, my husband has already installed a large wash sink, and we've agreed to a budget for a work top. I have found the work top I want, now it's a matter of some other life issues sorting out to free up the agreed budget.
Second: I need my dyes, the first set of these have been ordered, I haven't used professional dyes before, only food safe ones, so I still don't know what I will like, I ordered a starter set to get me going, and I can add more over time, based on what I like, and what I use.
Third: A heat source, wool requires an acid dye, with needs heat to set it, I debated the options, and chose to go with a crock pot, it applies an even heat, and allows me to leave the fibers untouched until they are completely cool to reduce or eliminate the risk of the wool felting and becoming unusable.

I'm looking forward to adding these choices to my shop, and my skill set. Once I get everything set up and going, I will provide all our blog readers with a tour of my 'Studio' and a pictorial demonstration of what dyeing entails. What sort of advances would you like to make in your Craft?

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  1. Since i'm not a crafty person, i love seeing other people make things. It is endlessly fascinating to me how people can come up with an idea and then make it a reality.