Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Why Give Up? (Danielle)

Why would someone give up on something they are truly gifted at, or passionate about. Lisa alluded to this on Friday, which makes me think.
When I was in Jr High and High School I would have identified myself as a writer, it was the only way I had to express myself at the time. Writing was a passion for me, it allowed expression of emotions, hopes and dreams that I wouldn't have otherwise shared with anyone else. I don't write fiction anymore, I still have a love of the written word, but no longer write those stories.

I also knit for a number of years, before stopping, and starting again, I did this more than once, and again with my spinning, start, stop, start. What makes this happen? I'm not entirely sure myself. I now identify as a Mother, Wife, Friend, and Fiber Artist. My Oma, was also a fiber artist, there are millions of people around the world who write, knit, spin, with or without identifying it as a passion, or as who they are, What makes people start down this road, what makes people stop?

Most people are influenced by someone or some event in their lives that allows time to try these things, my Oma, Lisa's School assignment, when I was writing, it was my best friend at the time who got me going, we would start a story, and read them to each other, as we went, I continued to write for a little while after we drifted apart, but I could see despite an increase in knowledge, my best work was influenced by her, by a desire to share that part of myself with someone else. I still have notebooks everywhere, some written in, some not, I still love the written word, but I don't have that same passion for writing as I used to, I grew away from it. The last time I tried to write a Novel was the same month that Lisa started writing the spark, we talked so much, and encouraged eachother, and I never made it far, but I realized something my passion now lies elsewhere, the fibers, and yarns that fill my home, bring joy to me and to my children, like me when I was their age, they love to watch me knit, or spin, and feel the fibers, just being there as something is created.

Both Fiber Arts and Writing are creative outlets, creative spaces, and they both create something useful, Lisa's work brings you to another world, where you can do anything, and be anything, I find mine to be grounding, it brings me back to my roots, Everyone needs a passion, and just because you lose a passion for a time, like Lisa did, or walk away from it, like I did, doesn't mean there isn't something there for you. Never close your eyes to what makes you happy, don't turn your back, but if it doesn't make you happy, ask yourself why, and see what there is that is allowing passion to shine back into your life.

Life without purpose and Passion is dark, and lonely, lets bring some light back into our lives, and do something we enjoy, something that makes us feel purposeful,

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  1. It's a beautiful thing when you find what you were put here to do, and then do it!